If you are looking for travel insurance price will always be an important factor but you should also read the policy to make sure you are getting the cover that you need. For example if you are booking your flights and hotels seperately you might want to consider a policy that offers independent travel cover as many holidaymakers do not realise that if you have booked separately you may not benefit from the financial protection that usually covers a package.

Other things to consider are

How many trips you will take each year - If you will be travelling more than twice it will often work out cheaper to buy an annual multi trip policy rather than taking out single trip plocies each time you travel.

Where are you travelling? If you are travelling long haul you will need to take out a worldwide policy that covers your destination but for short haul European travel a European only policy will suffice. If you take out an annual policy make sure it will cover all the destinations you will travel to in the year.

John Lewis

John Lewis have an option called Independent Traveller Cover that offers additional cover if you book individual elements of your trip separately and for disruption caused by a volcano eruption.



No age restrictions on single trip policies and annual available to those aged under 80. Plus 15% online discount to new customers.



No age restrictions so perfect for older travellers who have problems getting holiday insurance because of their age.


Columbus Direct

They sell travel insurance direct cutting out the middle man and saving you up to 60% in the process. Single trip policies can be booked online for anyone under 99. Plus get a 10% online discount.



Single cover is available too adults, aged 18–79. The AA offer Couple cover whereby two adults, aged 18–64, permanently living together can be covered.


When buying some things you should be looking for to make sure you are adequately covered are –

Minimum  £2 million of medical cover which should include the providing of an air ambulance to get you home in an emergency.

A 24-hour emergency line and cover for legal expenses.

Baggage and belongings cover should pay out up to at least £1,500 in the event that  your luggage or personal possessions are lost, damaged or stolen. Be aware that many policies put a limit on the payout for an individual item like a camera or laptop.

Cover for cancellation or curtailment of at least £3,000 so you are not out of pocket if you have to cancel. (e.g if family member is taken ill).

Personal liability cover of at least £1 million. This is important to have as will cover you for any costs as a result of you injuring someone, or damaging their property.

Also remember you must disclose any pre-existing medical conditions or in the event of a claim your policy might be invalid.