Guide to Caravan Insurance.

In the UK, it is estimated that there are in current use 510,000 touring caravans, 305,000 caravan holiday homes, 142,000 motorhomes and 111,000 residential park homes.

1.5 million people in the UK regularly take touring caravan and motorhome holidays and the UK is the largest market in Europe for touring caravans and the second largest in the world, after the USA.  The Caravan Club has 1,000,000 members while the Camping and Caravanning Club has over half a million members.

In the UK caravan insurance is not required by law, so some people decide against the extra expense. However, according to Club Care Insurance, just one per cent of all caravan claims it receives would be covered by standard car insurance policies. A caravan itself is not insured under standard car policies, meaning the only cover they provide are for damage to third parties. This means that any thefts or damage to your caravan will only be covered under a specific caravan insurance policy. Recent research by Caravan Guard showed the numbers of owners making insurance claims following a reversing accident has increased by 24% in the past year alone and the cost of repairing the damage can be astronomical too, with some reversing accidents costing well over £5,000 and the average claim coming in at a substantial £1,500.

When buying caravan insurance you should consider cover for things like awning cover, equipment cover, contents cover, public liability, new for old cover, storm damage, flood damage, alternative accommodation, friends and family cover, European cover and no claims discount protection.


Basic cover from only £52.50 per year and they guarantee to be cheaper than the caravan club.


Simple Caravan

1 in 3 customers pay under £135


It's worth remembering that several caravan insurers offer tempting discounts for fitting certain industry-approved gadgets.

Insurance is a small price to pay in relation to damage costs which may be incurred by common incidents such as tipping over, meaning it is well worth being insured simply for peace of mind as could you afford to replace your caravan if the worst happened and you did not have insurance.